I just found some 14" double end crochet hooks, which is what you would use for cro-hooking at Herschner's online. There are five sizes available for around $4 each.


Here is a layout with the cro-hook on it.

It says:
My grandmother taught me how to cro-hook when I was a teenage girl. We made several afghans and I have since used the technique to make prayer shawls. See the instructions I posted here as a pdf file.
My grandfather took a wooden dowel (3/8”) and made us hooks. Mine is 18” long. I have a second one that is about 22” long. The hook made by him is on the top (below). The two steel hooks inside the package are sizes I and K and are still smaller than the one he made. I think his would be about a size P. The larger hooks
makes a softer shawl.Kit used for layout is Dragonfly Garden by Maddy Fernandez.

Cro-hook instructions

Here are instructions I created for you to learn how to Cro-Hook, the file is in pdf format. They are for a Prayer Shawl but can be converted, by changing the number of chains and the length, to anything from a washcloth to a scarf to a full size afghan. Please download the pdf file to use for your instructions, it will be much clearer than the image below, and it won't have the words across it!

Here is a photo of one of the hooks my grandfather made for us when I was a teenager. The ones below are in a package you can purchase. Get the largest size you can to make a looser material.

To download Adobe Acrobat reader (for free) click HERE.

Pictures of prayer shawls

Here are two layouts I just completed with photos from some completed prayer shawls.


Prayer Shawls

Hello...this blog is going to be information on the Prayer Shawl ministry in general.

We have a small group of women at our church, Bethlehem Lutheran, who make prayer shawls called the "Prayer Shawl Angels."
Prayer Shawls are used to comfort those, male and female, in any kind of need. They can also be used for baptisms, weddings, etc. You also may request one just because... ANYONE can request a prayer shawl, not just our church members. However, do not request a prayer shawl from this site, this is for information only.

Prayer Shawls can be crocheted, knitted, sewn, quilted, woven, machine knitted or take two pieces of fleece fabric and tie them together. They are also know as comfort shawls, peace shawls and mantels. As long as they are prayed over while you make them, of after they are completed.

The intention of a prayer shawl is to shelter, comfort and/or give solace to the person receiving it. As the shawls are being made the maker prays for the future recipient. A prayer is also made before the shawl is given to the recipient, this prayer may be more specific because of possibly knowing who the shawl is going to.

Recently, several of us went to a prayer shawl ministry event at Calvary Lutheran Church (follow link to a newspaper article). This was a great experience to hear how other churches are using this ministry. A spokesperson from each church stood up and told us how they do things. If you can get a group of churches (any denomination) in your area to do this it will bring in many ideas (and pattern sources).

Prayer Quilts are another option. These are usually 3x5 feet and are nice for a lap or for a wall hanging. They can be dedicated to a certain individual during a worship service. During the dedication they are "moved" where parishioners may tie a knot for the person it goes to while saying a prayer for them.

Off to the right of this blog are links to sources for patterns and other sites in the prayer shawl ministry. If you have other site suggestions please email them to me at or post a comment here. Thanks!
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